Case Study:

Front page of

Front page of is a website that publishes foreign news and views about the United States. They had a custom database that they wanted to integrate with a new web design.

In this case, we:

  • Adapted an existing WordPress theme to fit WatchingAmerica’s custom database fields.
  • “Cloned” a web design submitted by the client.
  • Developed a custom PHP script to pull data about the publications from Wikipedia.
  • Optimized ad placement.
  • Developed code to automatically tag posts according to the source country of the publication.
  • Implemented slider with custom HTML content and images.

The customer described their experience as follows:

Kyle Moore’s contribution to Watching America has been nothing less than extraordinary. …was the only person to come forward to take on this large task within our budget. Working with him has been an extraordinarily favorable experience. His programming skills were more than adequate to the considerable task at hand, but even more importantly, whenever Kyle said he would do something, he invariably completed it exactly as he said it would be done and before the always short deadline that he would set himself.

–Robin Koerner, Publisher & Founder (See Robin’s full letter).



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