On May 3, 2020, the Defense Minister of Venezuela Nestor Reverol “announced and denounced” that in the early Sunday morning hours, a group of mercenaries coming from Colombia were detected attempting an armed maritime invasion–using speedboats–through the coastal region of La Guaira. Among the infiltrators were two former American soldiers working for Silvercorp USA, the security (mercenary) services company founded by ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau (“a freedom-loving patriot, a mercenary and a gifted warrior scarred by battle and in way over his head”).

Joint YouTube pep rally on 5/3/2020, posted after the raid was foiled, by Goudreau and rebel commander Quintero urging Venezuelans to join “Operation Gideon” with the goal of ousting the Maduro administration. Goudreau says that “at 1700 hours a Daring Amphibious Raid was launched from the border of Colombia deep into the heart of Caracas… our units have been activated in the south, west, and east of Venezuela. Commander Nieto is with me… and Commander [Venezuelan National Guardsman Capt. Antonio] Sequea is on the ground now fighting.”

The Americans, Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Berry, are both from Austin, Texas. They reportedly met Jordan Goudreau, founder of Silvercorp and a signatory to the contract, during their time in the Army.

Interrogation of Luke Alexander Denman, who stated he was sent to Caracas to help take over the airport.
“Testimony of the mercenary” Airan Berry, who is wearing a “Moscow” T-shirt and is “highly interested in the QAnon conspiracy theory.”
Screenshot signature page of Silvercorp coup contract
Contract dated 2019-10-16 between Venezuelan Government (insurgent) and Silvercorp USA, Inc. — OCR Searchable, size reduced.

Silvercorp had a 15-month contract with “exiled Venezuelan military” for the purpose of “exit/removal of current Venezuelan Regime and entrance/installation of recognized Venezuelan Government.” The operation was to be funded partially by “investors” who “will have a preferred vender status with the new government in Venezuela.” The dues to Silvercorp were payable in cash or barrels of oil. The contract was signed 10/16/2019.

Juan Guaido (President-elect) denied his people had anything to do with the attempted coup. He accused the Maduro administration of knowing about the operation and waiting for it to happen in order to massacre the operatives.
Supposed moment of militiaman Henry Liendo yelling halt at the “terrorists” at Chuao.

If the contract is to be credited, Guaido’s people clearly were involved. Under the terms of the contract, “President Juan Guaido” is at the top of the chain of the command, followed by the “Overall Project Supervisor Sergio Vergara,” and the bottom rung specified being “Chief Strategist Juan Jose Rendon.”

On 5/5/2020 Venezuelan regime played a recording purportedly of Juan Guaido participating in the signing of the mercenary contract by videoconference. The recording, if authentic, would date to mid-October 2019, with Jordan Goudreau present with Sergio Vergara at the location of the signing. In the recording Guaido purportedly says the contract will be e-mailed in about half an hour.
From a Miami condo to the Venezuelan coast, how a plan to ‘capture’ Maduro went rogue
The Venezuelan opposition entertained Jordan Goudreau’s plan for regime change. Then the relationship fell apart. Goudreau went ahead anyway.
Mercenaries Behind Failed Venezuela Coup Claim to Have Done Trump Security
An Instagram post and promotional video by Jordan Goudreau’s Silvercorp claims that the company did security for a Trump rally in November 2018.
MIAMI (AP) — The plan was simple, but perilous. Some 300 heavily armed volunteers would sneak into Venezuela from the northern tip of South America. Along the way, they would raid military bases…