FBI’s Description of QAnon

QAnon is a sprawling, discredited, anti-establishment conspiracy theory that originated from postings on online message boards by an anonymous individual known as “Q.” Q claims to be a high-level government official with a Q clearance and access to classified information. Central to the QAnon conspiracy theory is the false belief that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles and child-traffickers (allegedly largely comprised of prominent Democratic politicians, so-called “Deep State” government employees, journalists, and Hollywood elite) and that President Trump is secretly working with Q and others to take down the cabal. Many QAnon adherents (known as “Anons”) refer to themselves as “digital soldiers” and believe they are engaged in an epic battle between good and evil and darkness and light. Following the November 3, 2020 election, many QAnon adherents began pushing false and discredited theories of massive voter fraud and that the 2020 election had been “stolen” from President Trump. Other prominent QAnon adherents exhorted the “Anons” to “trust the plan,” believing that President-Elect Biden’s victory is illusory and part of a convoluted plan by Q and others to reveal the crimes of the cabal to the world, resulting in President Trump securing a second term. QAnon believers are waiting for two major events, which they refer to as the “the Storm” and the “Great Awakening.” The “Storm” refers to a day of violence which will result in mass arrests, military trials, and executions of the members of the cabal. According to QAnon lore, “the Storm”, will be followed by the “Great Awakening,” which generally refers to the belief that the truth of the central tenets of QAnon will be revealed to the world.

Anonymous FBI Special Agent, in Affidavit in Support of Criminal Complaint Against Michael Perna (Jan. 18, 2021)

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  1. Wrong. A lot of Q anons are simply concerned people who are putting in the hours of research to figure out what’s going on. Personally I think Q is a clever psyop to control the opposition of people who are about 80-90% awake but vulnerable enough to get taken by a knight in shining armor.

    BUT, I gotta say, “Q” has given out a lot of interesting intel that lines up with “Pizzagate” activity, and the rich and satanic circle black magicians are being exposed more every day.

    So many more people now know about “pizzatage” and the adrenochrome racket, and what have the FBI done about it over the years? Have they helped cover it up? Well, Ted Gunderson said he was shot at after he began speaking publicly.

    Or we can talk about Max Spiers. Or Isaac Kappy, or Phil Schneider, or Nancy Schaefer, or Karla Turner, or William Tompkins, or Emery Smith, or Dan Burisch, or Bob Lazar. Should I continue? Because I can. You can’t stop the awakening with your lies anymore. You should consider having an exit strategy, those of you who are aiding and abetting the pedos because time is running out.

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